With Our New Membership Program, You Can Support Sight Unseen — and Get MAJOR PERKS in Return

When we started Sight Unseen back in 2009, we were idealistic young journalists who had just left our dream jobs as editors at the now-defunct design magazine I.D. We wanted to keep doing what we loved, but on our own terms. What we loved was telling stories about makers and objects in a way that made more people feel connected to design, and that, in the process, deepened our own connections to the larger community of creatives around the world. Did we have a business plan? Not even close. But we were driven by something bigger, and for 10 years, that was enough.

Unfortunately, the global pandemic has changed the landscape almost overnight for most small businesses, including independent media companies like ours that are funded primarily (and sporadically) through marketing budgets. And so we figured this was a good time to take stock and try to use this setback as a chance to innovate — to make some fundamental changes that will help ensure that Sight Unseen, which has provided a critical support system for contemporary designers for the past decade, can continue that support well into the next one.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of SU Friends, our first official membership program. SU Friends lets you become a long-terms supporter of Sight Unseen while receiving a ton of special perks in return — we’re talking exclusive content and videos (all those Instagram Live talks you missed? Now you can watch ’em!), access to private Instagram Stories, discounts to stores, and actual gifts made by designers. You can browse the first of those perks in our new SU Library, which will be updated a few times a month.

So how does it work? For starters, nothing will change about the Sight Unseen you know and love. It’s just that if you’re willing to show us a little extra love, you can unlock access to all the goodies in the Library (and on Instagram). We have three membership levels, starting as low as $3 per month, which you can check out here. Yes, even $3 per month will make it possible for us to continue making Sight Unseen, if enough people are willing to be our Friend. Are you willing to be our Friend? We hope so! LEARNMOREJOIN_button

—Jill and Monica, co-founders of Sight Unseen

Special thanks to the following people and companies for providing some of our perks: Cargo, Flamingo, Harrys, Coming Soon, Hay, DWR, Elyse Graham, Calico Wallpaper. Portrait above shot by Robert Wright.