Four New Design Hotels Across the Globe to Fuel Your Summer-Travel Fantasies

Travel took on a whole new meaning — and existential desperation — this summer, both for lockdown-weary regular people and for a travel industry that endured forced dormancy for the better part of a year. While not all of us have the privilege of much mobility over the next few months, we’ve put together another roundup of recent design-hotel openings for both the doers and the dreamers among us.

First there’s the Sunseeker, in the increasingly (Insta-?) famous style enclave of Byron Bay, Australia. The beach town’s vibes tend to be way too boho for our tastes, but the Sunseeker — retrofitted into an old ’80s motel by its owners and consultants Tory Bauer and Julia Ashwood — does contemporary chic just right, with terrazzo floors, furniture by Jack Fearon, and, our favorite, a big Kartell spiral bookcase. In another beach town — Cambria, somewhere between SF and LA — the White Water lodge also turned two old inns into something new and fantastic: a 25-room boutique hotel designed by Nina Freudenberger, with incredible art but even more incredible postcard views. Oh wait, Hvar, Croatia is also a beach town, and home to the fancy new Maslina Resort, whose hyper-minimalist, Japanese-inspired interiors are by Paris’s L.A.M. Studio. And finally, back in Paris itself, is the Hotel Ami, who wins our award for the cutest hotel logo of late, and also features trendy decor (Ferm Living’s Pond mirrors, lots of indie-looking ceramics) orchestrated by Gesa Hansen.

Check out all the fantasy pics below!

The Sunseeker, Byron Bay, Australia

The Standard Room at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; Sarah Harvey flag; Jack Fearon red CHUB bed-side table (photo credit. James Tolic) The Standard Room at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; The Dusty Road Bag Chair; Five Mile Radius side table (photo credit. James Tolic) Reception at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; yellow HUG bench seat by Jack Fearon; Anna Karinae lamp; Gerry Wedd ceramic thong (photo credit. James Tolic) Library at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; Eastern Forge spiral bookshelf; Tigmi Togo sofa (photo credit. James Tolic) The Library at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; console by Sarah Ellison; Soft Edge Studio ceramic jug (photo credit. James Tolic) Entry to The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; recycled 80s slate crazy pave (photo credit. James Tolic) Breakfast by the pool at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay (photo credit. James Tolic) Reception at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; yellow HUG bench seat by Jack Fearon; hand-dyed linen panels BlueByron (photo credit. James Tolic) Bathroom at The Sunseeker, Byron Bay; Leif refillable bath products (photo credit. James Tolic) The Sunseeker Room, Byron Bay; The Dusty Road ochre corduroy upholstery; Studio Muse Muse poster art; custom Blueboy Studio squiggle frame (photo credit. James Tolic) The Sunseeker, Byron Bay (photo credit. James Tolic)Photos by James Tolic

White Water, Cambria, California

White_Water_124 Lobby Credenza - Jonny Valiant Lobby Library - Jonny Valiant Lobby Seating with View - Jonny Valiant Lobby Shot Main - Jonny Valiant Deluxe King Fireplace - SHade Degges Premier Ocean View Living Area - Jonny Valiant Premier King Fireplace - Shade Degges Premier Ocean View Tub Room View - Jonny Valiant Ocean View King - Outdoor Tub - Jonny ValiantPhotos by Jonny Valiant

Maslina Resort, Hvar, Croatia

025B_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8743WEB 01_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8106WEB 08_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8296WEB 023B_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8647WEB 09D_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8337WEB 011_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8381WEB 03B_210419_LAM_HotelMaslina_Croatie_CI-8161C-LumiereWEB

Hotel Ami, Paris, France

Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-2 Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-24 Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-15 Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-3 Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-11 Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-7 Hotel Ami©RomainRicard-35Photos by Romain Ricard