Could You Live in This Color-Blocked Home?

The Madrid-based Burr Studio recently played a neat trick, transforming an office in their native city into a home without modifying the layout in the slightest. For a project called NN06, surface coverings on the ceilings, floors, and walls were removed, leaving a clean slate, and rooms were divided using color-blocking and changes in materiality as their only system of delineation. The main space is dominated by a blue metal bookcase which hovers, suspended, a few inches above the ground and serves as a divider between the dining and living rooms. Blue coated metal elements recur throughout, including in the form of doors, a minibar, and a set of shutters that separates the exercise room from the rest of the house. Elsewhere, plywood platforms elevate the cozier areas of the house, and a bright yellow headboard punctuates the bedroom. Burr was also responsible for a suite of tubular furniture made from CNC-milled stacks of MDF sheets. Everything in the house is complete removable when its current tenants move on, though whether they could be repurposed in another shell remains to be seen.

Photos by Maru Serrano