Announcing Our 2023 American Design Hot List Honorees

Today we’re pleased to announce the honorees of our 11th annual American Design Hot List, an unapologetically subjective editorial award for the names to know now in American design. The list acts as Sight Unseen’s guide to those influencing the design landscape in any given year — whether through standout launches, must-see exhibitions, or just our innate sense that they’re ones to watch. In 2021, the number of honorees dwindled, a natural outgrowth of two years of looking inward as a pandemic raged on. This year, we’re pleased to award the honor to 20 incredible talents who have breathed new life into the American scene. We’ll be devoting the entire upcoming week to interviews with and social media coverage of our 2022 honorees, and we hope you’ll follow along! You can also see all of our past winners on our American Design Hot List page, which serves as an ongoing resource for those who want to learn more about the American design scene.

Without further ado, the 2022 honorees are…

Alexis & Ginger
Ben Willett
Caroline Chao
Charlap Hyman & Herrero
Dan John Anderson
Darren Jett
Kim Mupangilai
Little Wing Lee
Luke Malaney
Mark Grattan
Monica Curiel
Natalie Weinberger
Perfect Nothing Catalog
Reath Design
Sam Klemick
Shaina Tabak
Wentrcek \ Zebulon
Zoe Mowat

Graphics by Benjamin Critton