Note Design Studio Returns a Stockholm Apartment to Its Former Glory (With a Contemporary Twist)

On today’s episode of “Why don’t we live here?!”: a 1920s Stockholm apartment reimagined by locally-based Note Design Studio. Situated in a splendorous historic building, the interior had sadly been stripped of its original character and details. But since the 3700 square feet of floor plan required a full functional rethink, everything from the flooring patterns, ceiling stucco profiles, radiator covers, and door and window frames were fair game to be restored or rethought.
Note Design Studio office interior

Perhaps More People Would Want to Return to the Office If It Looked Like This

There's been copious hand-wringing since the pandemic began about how people have adjusted to working from home, how WFH might actually be preferable to returning to the office, and what it all means. We would venture to guess that more people would be willing to return to their offices if they looked like this, a new London interior by Note Design Studio for The Office Group.

One of Our Milan Week Favorites? An Adult Playground Made From Industrial Flooring

We're now deep in the age of the Instagram-friendly immersive installation, which was especially evident at this year's Milan furniture fair, where we couldn't help but laugh at how many brands were touting some sort of earnestly dramatic light-based experience. And yet, for materials brands, there really is no better way to inspire visitors — and no one did that better last month than Tarkett, who with Note Design Studio installed a towering forest of playful geometric columns inside one of Milan's most beautiful buildings, the 150-year-old Circolo Filologico Milanese.