Happy Birthday, Sight Unseen

On November 10, 2009, Sight Unseen launched with just twelve stories and two readers (thanks, moms). A year later, we’ve posted nearly 200 stories, visited studios in more than a dozen cities around the world, and found readers from Argentina to Australia. In our ongoing quest to offer an intimate look at process and the obsessions of creative people, we’ve come across artists who collect Finnish trolls, designers who mime their objects before making them, and stylists who sculpt realistic-looking hamburgers from slabs of German wood. To celebrate Sight Unseen’s one-year anniversary, we reached out to some of those inspiringly creative folks — like Mary & Matt, whose animated chocolate-bar gif is above and whose home studio we visited last spring — as well as to readers we’ve yet to meet, asking them to create a birthday card just for the occasion. We hope that you enjoy the results, and that you continue to make Sight Unseen a destination in the next year and beyond.

Craighton Berman / Chicago (www.craightonberman.com)

Adrienne Wong / New York (www.adriennewong.com)

Maria Helena Silva / Porto, Portugal (mariahelena.twodotwo.com)

Jurgis Griskevicius / Berlin (www.griskeviciusjurgis.com)

Gershon Paul / Washington, D.C.

{c/c} Cynthia Pratomo and Chen Chieh Ni / New York (www.cslashc.com)

Peter Hoang & Nerissa Goco / Vancouver (www.thenewdomestic.com)

Anna Gleeson / Hong Kong (www.annagleeson.com)