Sol Hashemi, Artist

Growing up in Vancouver, Sol Hashemi was wedded to his father’s camera, dreaming since age six of someday becoming a nature photographer. Now 27 and living in Seattle, however, he may be the farthest thing from it — while he does wield a camera for a living, and occasionally points it at the odd plant or rock, his sculptures and still-life compositions go to great lengths to make them appear as un-natural as possible, marrying them with things like glitter, candy wrappers, and cans of baked beans. His work is all about weird — or not so weird, if you’re a Tumblr devotee — juxtapositions: “By overlaying, erasing, and manipulating images, Hashemi explores how objects communicate and shift meaning through arrangements,” wrote his gallery in a recent release. For his sculptures, it added, “the artist continues to consider and expand upon product displays, size references, and kludges (a colloquialism used to describe inelegant temporary fixes and awkward improvisations) with three-dimensional pieces that coalesce like layers in an image file.” Check out a selection of his recent work below.SolH_1SolH_2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASolH_7SolH_10SolH_11SolH_12SolH_13SolH_14SolH_15SolH_16SolH_snacks1SolH_snacks3SolH_snacks5SolH_snacks6SolH_snacks7SolH_snacks9SolH_snacks11SolH_snacks2