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A Tumblr Devoted to 80s Art

Here’s the thing about the ’80s: Some of us actually grew up in them. And for us, seeing a Tumblr full of art from that decade doesn’t so much trigger an Internet-age wet dream as a blast of straight-up nostalgia — for the kinds of things we remember hanging in our rich friends’ parents living rooms, or on the walls of our orthodontist, or in fancy department-store furniture displays. We’re not sure which of the two motivated designer Jason Kawood of Saskatchewan, Canada, to start said Tumblr back in 2011, but he’s been going strong with it ever since, and apparently taking inspiration from it as well. Check out our favorites from his curation over the past few years below, then head over to the 80s Art site to choose your own. Pictured above: John Noestheden
80sart_michaeltaylorMichael Taylor

80sart_gerddenglerGerd Dengler

80sart_victorvasarely Victor Vasareli

80sart_masoudyasami Masoud Yasami

80sart_scottburton Scott Burton

80sart_johnmacgregor John MacGregor

80sart_donalddavis Donald Davis

80sart_douglasfreed Douglas Freed

80sart_franklynheisler Franklyn Heisler

80sart_keithsonnier2 Keith Sonnier

80sart_elizabethmurray Elizabeth Murray

80sart_rayhowlettRay Howlett

80sart_billwoodrow Bill Woodrow

80sart_ettoresottsass Ettore Sottsass

80sart_johnmason2 John Mason

80sart_masoudyasami Masoud Yasami

80sart_wendellcastle Wendell Castle

80sart_wendymaruyamaWendy Maruyama

80sart_tomcarrTom Carr