Melbourne Furniture Designers Pop & Scott

Shortly after meeting one another, Melbourne creatives Poppy Lane and Scott Gibson realized they had a shared habit of dreaming up possibilities for running their own businesses. Their initial ideas for a joint venture ranged from a hip retro bike shop to a hangover café. What they finally ended up launching, however, was more of an accident: A furniture line called Pop & Scott, which grew organically from the couple’s attempts to create pieces for their own home that they wanted, but couldn’t find in stores, which it turned out other people wanted, too. Lane’s vibrant pots are testament to this, and are seen in houses and cafes all over Melbourne. “My mum always made the pots to add color to the yard, and because of that, it’s something I’ve always done myself,” says Lane.“I had no intention of selling them, but I kept getting asked to.” Pop & Scott has grown rapidly since then, with the couple having opened their first showroom this year and currently at work on a second.

Each piece in the Pop & Scott range captures the character of the materials used. The history of the material is often a big part of each piece, with wood sourced from houses and buildings that are in the process of being torn down. As a result, chairs, tables, and benches hold a story that’s deeper than their aesthetic qualities. A current run of tables is constructed from wood salvaged from the recently demolished Myer building, a Melbourne icon of the past. Each buyer is made aware of the piece’s history.

As the Pop & Scott range continues to grow, so does the way that Lane and Gibson approach the business. A recent change in processes has seen them become slightly more hands-off in the building process — which happens at their shared workshop in North Melbourne — freeing up more time for creativity, and for designing new collections like a pot series influenced by the “setting, colors, and forms” found in Brancusi’s studio. In the meantime, check out a sampling of the couple’s current collection below.
Pop&Scott_Pots 97+sandy DSC_4733 Pop&Scott_The Dreamer2 DSC_5139 DSC_1243 DSC_6229 DSC_6236 Pop&Scott_Bench Pop&Scott_Pot Pop&Scott_Rocky Sideboard 2 Pop&Scott_Showrrom2 Pop&Scott_The Dreamer 94+indoor+mali,+dip+mustard tribal+pots-25 Poppy and Scotty