Bon ceramics buy pottery online

BON Ceramics, A New One-Stop Shop for Buying Pottery Online

Before the Berlin-based online shop BON Ceramics launched earlier this week, you were most likely to find pieces from your favorite ceramicists scattered amongst a dozen or two fashion boutiques, which tend to have half of their inventory out of stock at any given time. Not the most efficient shopping experience. BON’s approach is to consolidate all your favorite makers — Apparatu, Ian Anderson, Ian McDonald, Rimma Tchilingarian, and many more — in a single, bookmark-able place.

Today we’re sharing a selection of BON’s offerings, including a series of nine images (directly below) styled and shot for the store by the up-and-coming Berlin creative agency Haw-Lin. At the moment US-based customers have to email BON directly to arrange for shipping across the Atlantic, but it’s great to have access to some of the European talents we couldn’t easily patronize before. And of course, Europeans finally have a source for the diverse and prolific bounty that is the American ceramics scene. In other words, everyone wins. Très bon.


Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Black_sand_bud_vase_by_Natalie_Weinberger_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Spikkel_trays_by_De_Intuitiefabriek_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Black_Pottery_bowls_by_Sara_de_Campos_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Sand_mug_and_vase_by_Nobel_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Teapot_and_vase_by_Lindsey_Hampton_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Black_sand_footed_bowl_by_Natalie_Weinberger_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Moon_bowls_by_Ilona_van_den_Bergh_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Extrusion_planter_by_Apparatu_sm Photo_by_Haw-Lin_Services_Vessel_With_Applied_Parts_by_Ian_McDonald Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_ACOMBO_Elke_van_den_Berg+Kiho_Kang_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Pigments&Porcelain_cups_by_Alissa+Nienke_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Moon_bowl_by_Ilona_van_den_Bergh_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Cornwall_Jug_by_Kirstie_van_Noort_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Spikkel_tray_by_De_Intuitiefabriek_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Saturne_bowl_by_Helene_Morbu_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Jug_by_Nicola_Tassie_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Terracotta_espresso_cups_by_Calle_Forsberg_sm Photo_by_Antti_Pulli_Sand_mugs_by_Nobel_sm