Bryan Metzdorf’s Sunday Morning Sketches

If you’re a creative who’s ever had a day job, you will no doubt understand the plight of Bryan Metzdorf, the full-time Urban Outfitters set-builder who, despite also doing freelance projects on the side for brands like Areaware and The Greats, still can’t help but spend his Sundays at home working. Sure, the weekly collage series he began a few years back, which he posts on Instagram with the hashtag “#sundaymorningsketches,” doesn’t feel like work, exactly — it’s meant to be a quick, enjoyable creative release, a way to keep his momentum going. And yet, he says, “at the same time they exercise a similar thought process, which is why I consider them ‘sketches’ and not something completely different.” Urban’s home office even contacted him, after seeing the pieces on Instagram, to ask if he could turn them into textile designs.

The sketches, which are cut and assembled “like drawings” from a categorized library of clippings Metzdorf keeps, also share the same inspirations as his primary oeuvre: “I see a direct influence from my daily walks through the New York City landscape of juxtaposed shapes and fragmented forms, overlapping and mismatched colors and textures,” he says. “After doing it for awhile now, I can see that I’ve always appreciated a sort of collage aesthetic that translates across media. I love sample-based and electronic music, and I love art and design in which individual forms are given their own weight and identity and then unified into a single piece. I also love re-contextualization in general, and taking disparate things and trying to unite them — old and new, high and low, etc.”

Metzdorf still spends his days designing and fabricating the pop-up shops that live inside Urban’s Space Ninety 8 store in Brooklyn, and he’s also currently working on a private furniture commission, a lighting project, and a slate of potential interior projects. But for the forseeable future, his Sundays will continue to be willingly set aside for one thing and one thing only. Check out the series so far below, and be sure to follow its progress on Metzdorf’s Instagram.