The Best Thing We Saw in Milan Today: Day 4

Visiting the pavilions at the Milan furniture fair is basically the exact opposite of going to the beach — there’s tons of artificial lighting, way too much exertion, and not a piña colada in sight. Which is why we were tickled to get these images of Italian designer Cristina Celestino‘s Opalina collection for the glass furniture manufacturer Tonelli — the sheer dissonance made us laugh out loud. But the collection is pretty great on its own, photography (or excellent Photoshopping) notwithstanding. It includes a dressing table, a writing desk, a mirror, a coat stand, and a stool, all made from thick slabs of etched or painted opaline glass that give off a translucent and silky appearance.

balsamini_Attico_Opalina_040 balsamini_Attico_Opalina_031 balsamini_Attico_Opalina_054 balsamini_Attico_Opalina_042 balsamini_Attico_Opalina_038 balsamini_Attico_Opalina_003Tonellidesign_Opalina_CristinaCelestino_09 Tonellidesign_Opalina_CristinaCelestino_07 Tonellidesign_Opalina_CristinaCelestino_08 Tonellidesign_Opalina_CristinaCelestino_06 celestino_2 celestino_8 celestino_9