Wallpaper Handmade by POOL

The Best Thing We Saw in Milan Today: Day 3

Wallpaper Handmade is always one of our favorite spots on the Milan circuit, and this year was no exception: The London-based magazine again paired up international designers with manufacturers, this time asking each team to reflect on ideas about hotels and travel. At their San Gregorio arcade spot, we swooned over Vera & Kyte’s colorful ironing station, Karl Zahn’s brass animal keys, Pelle’s shapely soaps, and Pettersen Hein’s clothing rack. But perhaps our favorite entry was by Léa Padovani and Sébastien Kieffer of the Paris-based studio POOL, who created two sculptural sofas in collaboration with Living Divani.”Hotel lobbies are moving landscapes made of scenes of daily life,” explain the French designers. “We tried to translate this into simple units, gathered together in sculptural compositions.”

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