Five Must-See Fall Exhibitions

Winter is coming — before we go into our deep annual Netflix hibernation, we always make it a point to trek out to see all the gallery and museum shows we’ll probably be skipping once the sky darkens and snow starts piling up. Below are our five must-see picks for this month, from the big Agnes Martin retrospective opening at the Guggenheim this weekend to a small group show of Sight Unseen favorites Chiaozza, John Hogan, Calico Wallpaper, and Amanda Ringstad. One of these shows has already closed (a show of charming portraits “painted” in sand, which we couldn’t help including) and one is about to (Andrea Zittel’s furniture-like forms, simultaneously being exhibited in the Mojave Desert), but go see the rest if you’re in New York City (or Alfred?) in the coming weeks.

Andrea Zittel at Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York
Through October 8

FallExhib_ZittellRosen FallExhib_ZittellRosen2 FallExhib_ZittellRosen3 FallExhib_ZittellRosen4

Lit at Fosdick-Nelson, Alfred Gallery, NY
Through October 11

FallExhib_Lit1 FallExhib_Lit2 FallExhib_Lit3 FallExhib_Lit4 FallExhib_Lit5

Peter Bönisch: Portraits at CFA Galerie, Berlin

FallExhib_Peter FallExhib_Peter2 FallExhib_Peter3 FallExhib_Peter4 FallExhib_Peter5

Sara VanDerBeek: Pieced Quilts, Wrapped Forms at Metro Pictures Gallery, New York
Through October 29

FallExhib_SaraVB FallExhib_SaraVB2 FallExhib_SaraVB3 FallExhib_SaraVB4 FallExhib_SaraVB5 FallExhib_SaraVB6

Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim Museum, New York
Through January 11, 2017