Buy These Curated Arrangements from Daniela Jacobs, Queen of the Still Life

Daniela Jacobs sees the world through the lens of the still life — something that’s instantly obvious with a scroll through her Instagram page, where her beautifully shaped and textured ceramics are placed in and among the best props and treasures. So when her latest collection, called ARC Accents, came about, it had evolved over years of accumulation and a love for secondhand items. “I didn’t want to start a secondhand shop, but rather a curated collection of pieces, both found and of my own design.” These now-shoppable still lives include both found objects and those from her existing ARC Objects jewelry and housewares collection — they “encourage the appreciation of, and seek to emphasize, incidental beauty in the everyday.”

Jacobs is making it easy to take home those perfectly curated snapshots. From a dining set with a new plate and vintage squiggle egg cups to an Issey Miyake tank, Cuban rattan bag, and ARC objects bangle, each buyable ensemble also comes with a photo reproduction of the arrangement.

still-life-4 still-life-3_2 ARC-accents_1_2 still-life-5_2 01_AO_056-x_2 02_AO_034-x_2 04_AO_066-x_2

(Photo credit for non still-lifes © Pippa Drummond)