Visiting Brian Rideout’s New Show Is Like Walking Into One of His Paintings

Back in March, we discovered — and introduced you to — Canadian artist Brian Rideout, whose paintings are inspired by amazing art-filled vintage interiors he finds in old magazines and DIY books. This past weekend, Rideout opened solo show at Montreal’s Parisian Laundry Gallery, and not only are his new works just as cool as the ones we showed you this winter, they’re installed in a very unique, very meta way: with period-appropriate paintings by Al Held, Fernand Leduc, and Guido Molinari sprinkled in between them, and a “living room” full of vintage furniture placed in the middle of the room, so that the gallery effectively becomes a 3-D representation of the spaces depicted in his canvases. Check out four of Rideout’s new American Collection paintings below, plus a few photos of the show itself, below.
BrianRideout_0717_1 BrianRideout_0717_2 BrianRideout_0717_Install1 BrianRideout_0717_Install2 BrianRideout_0717_3 BrianRideout_0717_4