IMM Cologne and Maison & Objet 2018

45 Key Designs We Spotted At IMM Cologne and Maison & Objet 2018

While IMM Cologne and Maison & Objet aren’t the most outwardly exciting fairs on the design calendar — that honor would sooner go to Milan’s Salone del Mobile (which prevails out of sheer size), Stockholm and Dutch Design Week (which are smaller but more consistently our aesthetic), and New York Design Week (which has our hearts for obvious reasons) — they can be particularly fun for us to cover. The reason has to do with why we love antique shopping so much: It can be more gratifying to make small, triumphant discoveries amidst a sea of less-relevant items than to be surrounded by perfection at every turn. The thrill of the hunt, if you will. Here are 45+ of our biggest finds from IMM Cologne and Maison & Objet 2018.

Other Kingdom

MOIMM18_Other Kingdom_Uniform Table_PhotoPhilippe FragniereUniform Table MOIMM18_Other Kingdom_Uniform Table2_PhotoPhilippe FragniereUniform Table

CC Tapis

MOIMM18_CCTapis_Elena Salmistraro_CartesioCartesio Rug by Elena Salmistraro MOIMM18_CCTapisCartesio Rug by Elena Salmistraro

& Tradition

MOIMM18_AndTradition4Pavilion Chair by Anderssen & Voll, Journey Sconce by Sigve Hytte, and Amore Mirrors by Space Copenhagen
MOIMM18_AndTradition6Lato Table by Luca Nichetto
MOIMM18_AndTradition1Loafer Chair by Space Copenhagen and Journey Lamp by Sigve Hytte
MOIMM18_AndTradition8Journey Lamp by Signe Hytte
MOIMM18_AndTradition9Loafer Chair by Space Copenhagen


MOIMM18_Artek_Aalto_Riihitie2Riihitie Planter by Alvar Aalto
MOIMM18_Artek_Aalto_Riihitie4Riihitie Planter by Alvar Aalto

Petite Friture

MOIMM18_ACAL_DOJO-armchair for Petite Friture_AC AL studioDojo Chair and Table by AC/AL MOIMM18_MaxEnrich_PhotoOliRindalThin Coffee Table by Max Enrich MOIMM18_MaxEnrich2Thin Coffee Table by Max Enrich MOIMM18_MaxEnrich3Thin Coffee Table by Max Enrich


MOIMM18_MarcBraun_Hama_Echstahl2Hama Chair by Marc Braun

La Chance

MOIMM18_LaChance_MaterialChair4Material Chairs by Pierre FreyMOIMM18_LaChance_SundayDinnerTableSunday Dinner Table by La Chance StudioMOIMM18_LaChance_BumpCredenzaBump Credenza by Jan Plechac and Henry Wielgus

Ligne Roset

MOIMM18_LigneRoset_BONNIE_P.PaulinBonnie Sofa by Pierre Paulin MOIMM18_LigneRoset_GAVRINIS_3_P.PaulinGavrinis Rug by Pierre Paulin MOIMM18_LigneRoset_GEOFFREY_A.GillesGeoffrey Mirror by Alain Gilles MOIMM18_LigneRoset_PAIPAI_LucidiPeverePaiPai Chair by Lucidi Pevere


MOIMM18_LUCEPLAN_Amisol_RybakkenAmisol Light by Daniel Rybakken MOIMM18_LUCEPLAN_Amisol_Rybakken2Amisol Light by Daniel Rybakken

New Tendency

MOIMM18_NewTendency3December Table MOIMM18_NewTendency1Apex Shelves MOIMM18_NewTendency2Apex Shelves


MOIMM18_Nick Ross_Menu_CycladesVaseCyclades Vase by Nick Ross
MOIMM18_Norm_Menu_HarbourHarbour Chairs by Norm Architects


MOIMM18_Rakumba_TrulyTrulyTypography Sconce by Truly Truly MOIMM18_Rakumba_TrulyTruly1Typography Light by Truly Truly


trolleyPlie Shelves gold_sideboardPlie Shelves

Nude Glass

MOIMM18_Nude_Formafantasma_PigmentoPigmento Dishes by Formafantasma MOIMM18_Nude_Formafantasma_Pigmento2Pigmento Dishes by Formafantasma

Sebastian Herkner

MOIMM18_Herkner_AmesSala_CircoBarro_PhotoAndresValbuenaCirco Barro Furniture for AmesMOIMM18_Herkner_Pulpo_DelightDelight Table for Pulpo MOIMM18_Herkner_Pulpo_StellarLight1Stellar Lights for Pulpo MOIMM18_Herkner_Pulpo_StellarLightStellar Light for Pulpo MOIMM18_Herkner_RugCompany_MainlandRugMainland Rug for The Rug Company MOIMM18_Herkner_Ames_NunaBeistelltischeNuna Side Tables for Ames MOIMM18_Herkner_Thonet_118Chair118 Chair for Thonet


MOIMM18_Herkner_Schoenbuch_GraceGrace Bar Cart by Sebastian Herkner MOIMM18_Schoenbuch_CarloVaseCarlo Vase by Christian HaasMOIMM18_Schoenbuch_ChristophHauf_LeanMirrorLean Mirror by Christoph Hauf MOIMM18_Schoenbuch_TallyTraysTally Trays by Apartment 8MOIMM18_Schoenbuch_TallyTrays3Tally Trays by Apartment 8


MOIMM18_Vitra_JasperMorrison_TraysTrays by Jasper Morrison MOIMM18_Vitra_Bouroullecs_NuageVasesNuage Ceramic Vases by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec


MOIMM18_ACAL_MARIANOdaybed for Versant EditionMariano Daybed by AC/AL

Wall & Deco

MOIMM18_WallandDeco_Confalonieri_HistoriaHistoria Wallpaper by Serena Confalonieri MOIMM18_WallandDeco_Confalonieri_SkilSkil Wallpaper by Serena Confalonieri