In the Neighborhood — A Showcase of Local and International Design — is LDF’s Breakout Exhibition

We’ll be featuring our favorite new launches from the London Design Festival next week, but judging by our Instagram, the most popular exhibition features hardly any new work at all: In the Neighbourhood is a pop-up exhibition curated by friends and neighbors, interior designer Louisa Grey and The School of Life director Morgwn Rimel. The conceit? Two different houses organized by palette: Grey House, a North London townhouse, is filled with moody tones and handcrafted natural materials from designers like Frama and Henry Wilson. Blue House, a loft set in a converted Methodist congregation hall is outfitted with colorful, eclectic objects from the likes of Muller Van Severen, Sabine Marcelis, Emily Forgot, and Dirk Van Der Kooij; our favorites include a zigzag sculpture by Phil Cuttance and a deep green velvet sofa from Paustian. The exhibition sadly closed today but if you couldn’t make it IRL, immerse yourself here in these stunning images.

Blue House photos by Michael Sinclair // Grey House photos by Rory Gardiner

The Blue House

Blue House 26 Low Res Blue House 29 Low Res Blue House 20 Low Res Blue House 2 Low Res Blue House 3 Low Res Blue House 16 Low Res Blue House 8 Low Res Blue House 9 Low Res Blue House 14 Low Res

The Grey House

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roryg- 020

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roryg- 033

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