A Japanese Graphic Designer Whose Still Lifes Look Almost Like They’re Moving

Moodboards at the ready: Here’s a body of work you’re probably going want to bookmark from beginning to end. Mina Tabei is a Japanese graphic designer and art director whose portfolio — which spans everything from CD design to still life compositions to frame-worthy flyers and book covers deserving of display — feels at once playful and scientific. With echoes of kinetic sculpture, Eames toy designs, and the colorful, graphic work of Karel Martens, Tabei’s work plays with color, light, and balance in a way that feels dimensional, fresh, and a touch science fair-adjacent. A few works are for sale here, but check out a more complete peek below. 

光と図形_告知ポスター_展示ポスター_入稿 光と図形_告知ポスター_展示ポスター_入稿 光と図形_告知ポスター_展示ポスター_入稿 Mina Tabei 3 Mina Tabei 10 Mina Tabei 1 TORIAL_0916 TORIAL_0916 TORIAL_0916 TORIAL_0916 Mina Tabei 4 linetapes_1011_入稿 linetapes_1011_入稿 武蔵美_POSTER_fix_CMYK_0322 武蔵美_POSTER_fix_CMYK_0322 Mina Tabei 8