sight unseen gift guide 2020

Slime Lamps and Head-Shaped Incense Burners: The 2020 Sight Unseen Gift Guide, Part II

On the one hand, to publish a gift guide in 2020 seems like an immense act of magical thinking. After all, what do we really want? We want the vaccine, we want to visit our parents, we want to see live music, we want to run outside without a mask, we want to flip the Senate, we want to travel with abandon, we want to sit inside a restaurant, drinking by candlelight, shoulder to shoulder with our best friends. On the other hand, one of the small, analog joys we have found in this period of sequestering and uncertainty is the act of sending a gift by mail.

So, as we work to achieve those things, may we interest you in some incense burners? How about a gloppy, foamy desk lamp, or some CBD hot sauce? We’re also pretty excited about Christin Ripley’s marble-printed husband — you know, those two-armed pillows that hold you up while you’re sitting in bed or on the floor, that in the past were so often covered in brown corduroy? Who couldn’t use a hug from a pillow right now? Over the next three days we hope to motivate you to give a gift, or two, to someone you love. It might just make you feel better.

*A note about our opening images this year: Since we couldn’t easily do a photo shoot, we opted for renderings at the top of each gift guide. Inspired by a recent collaboration between designer Oscar Piccolo and 3-D artist Riccardo Fornoni of Cream Atelier, which resembled a classical painting, we asked Fornoni to turn our gift guide picks into painterly still lifes, too. Each image evokes a different work of art, today’s being Il Mistero Dell’Ortopedico and Torino a Primavera by Giorgio De Chirico.

Yield_MesoIncense3Glass Meso Incense Holder by Yield, $28
moderntimes_ohheygraceMonument Candle Holder by Oh Hey Grace, $200
Fundamental_vaseMuse Vase Large by Fundamental Berlin, about $142
storiesofitaly_pearPear Paperweight by Stories of Italy, $230
Spartan_Shop_Carl_Durkow_Candels_A_5Set of 2 Beeswax Candles by Carl Durkow, $140
Crapeyewear_brownThe Shake Appeal Sunglasses by Crap Eyewear, $95
Octave_EarringsCharm Hoops in Moon Quartz by Octave Jewelry, $340
Agmes_wishboneLong Wishbone Earrings by Agmes, $490
Haand_pitcherCeramic Pitcher by Haand, $45
Birite_bookends3Tubo Bookend by Bi-Rite Studios, $45
ProjectUSA_recordplayerDebut Carbon EVO Record Player by Pro-Ject Audio Systems, $499
ANDlight_PivotPivot LED Table Light by ANDlight, $745
Loq_sculpturesSculptures by Common Body, $144-178
Ancan_incense2Head Incense Burners, $65
nata_pillar3Tiled Pillar by Felix Robinson, around $77
Palomawool_jacketBuzz Puffer Jacket by Paloma Wool, about $315Tetra_Balefire_SunriseAshtray_styled2Sunrise Ashtray by Balefire Glass, $96
Arcobjects_combInvisible Surrealist Comb by Arc Objects, $60
Food52_wineglassesSet of Six Stackable Wine Glasses by Bormioli Rocco, $36
Noto_BasilYarrowMistBasil Yarrow Mist by NOTO, $34
FredMae_AlgieriDouble Lime Foam Lamp by Joseph Algieri, $275
CampbellRey_CosimoHighballCosimo Glassware by Campbell-Rey, $229-296
ProspectNY_MishastrawsSet of 4 Suck it Up Straws by Misha Kahn, $103
ganni_cardholderCard Holder by Ganni, $85
christinripley_husbandKlismos Husband Pillow by Christin Ripley, $270
AssemblyNY_tiedyeTie-Dye T-Shirt by Assembly, $88
FortMakers_glassSunrise Sunset Cups by by Jason Bauer and Romina Gonzales, $125 ea
Potli_HotSauceHot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce by Pot d’Huile, $36
Desplans_TeklaBauhausBauhaus Dessau I Print by Tekla Severin, about $214
Sounds_SeanGerstleyPlatterPlatter by Sean Gerstley, $102
Casashop_dish2Faceted Glass Dish by Morgan Gilbreath, $125
Everybody_buckethatBucket Hat by Everybody.World, $25
Correll_tshirtUnisex Circle T-Shirt by Correll Correll, $149
Assembly_BrandblackSlidesKashiba Lux Unisex Slides by Brandblack, $72
flamingo_moisturizersBody Moisture Trio by Flamingo, $25
Goodee_AustinAustinHand Cream by Austin Austin, $25
Capbeauty_furakakaeFurikake by Dark Horse, $14
Hopp_LimboLimbo Slides by Hopp, $200