Sight Unseen gift guide 2020

Color-Blocked Wetsuits and Ceramic Stash Boxes: The 2020 Sight Unseen Gift Guide, Part III

On the one hand, to publish a gift guide in 2020 seems like an immense act of magical thinking. After all, what do we really want? We want the vaccine, we want to visit our parents, we want to see live music, we want to run outside without a mask, we want to flip the Senate, we want to travel with abandon, we want to sit inside a restaurant, drinking by candlelight, shoulder to shoulder with our best friends. On the other hand, one of the small, analog joys we have found in this period of sequestering and uncertainty is the act of sending a gift by mail.

So, as we work to achieve those things, may we interest you in a gloopy borosilicate coffee pourer? How about a checkerboard body pillow? A donabe — to cook all that rice you’ve been hoarding — and a surfboard, if you’re lucky enough to live in a temperate climate, seem like perfect quarantine gifts. Those items and more were chosen for today’s gift guide by a selection of Sight Unseen’s far-flung contributing editors and writers: Los Angeles–based Dana Covit and Jennifer S. Li, Milan-based Laura May Todd, Cape Town– based Alix-Rose Cowie, and New York–based Shoko Wanger, Natalie Shukur, and Drew Zeiba. A special thank you to them for these beautiful picks!

*A note about our opening images this year: Since we couldn’t easily do a photo shoot, we opted for renderings at the top of each gift guide. Inspired by a recent collaboration between designer Oscar Piccolo and 3-D artist Riccardo Fornoni of Cream Atelier, which resembled a classical painting, we asked Fornoni to turn our gift guide picks into painterly still lifes, too. Each image evokes a different work of art, today’s being Still Life With Fruit by Emilie Preyer.

Dana Covit

Kofuku Donabe

Kofuku Donabe, $300

perlazuli Hernan Herdez

Perlazuli Earrings by Hernán Herdez, $315

Qi Tea

Blue Lotus Tea by The Qi, $36


Acid Camo Stoneware Vase by Raina Lee, $1,000

Laura May Todd


V60 in Wonderland Borosilicate Coffee Pourer Set by Lukas Novak, $366

Sarah Ellison_Royere Vase

Royere Vase by Sarah Ellison, $379

Peter Pilotto tablecloth_Matches

Peter Pilotto Tablecloth for Once Milano, $765


Hedi Seam Dress by Hund Hund, $105


Calici Milanesi Cocktail Glass by Agustina Bottoni, $100

Shoko Wanger


Exquisite J Flower Socks, $32

Tortuga_Platform Planter

Platform Planter by Tortuga, $45


Salt Box by Jeremy Ayers, $62

Jennifer S. Li


Love Potion No. 3 by Tiermarq, $95

ARB01-3 StashBox_Closed_1350x900

Alex Reed for Commune Stash Box, $240

Alix-Rose Cowie


Bacchus Earrings by Pichulik, $135


MSock 8.3 by Maxhosa, $16

Kwameh Rug _The Ninevites

Rug by Ninevites, starts at $420


Portal Lighter by Tetra, $45

Natalie Shukur


Stockholm Surfboard Club Wetsuit, $711


The Beauty Longboard by Barahona Surfboards, $900


Oaxacan Floral Candle, $68


Cheese Grater by W&P, $25


Melt Bookends by Bower, $650

Drew Zeiba

20201105 Jiu Jie Marlton Hotel 95

Grand Prix Baby by Jiujie Decor, $70

editorial 2021 calendar12

2021 Editorial Magazine Calendar, $32

Contributor's XV Fine