Color-blocked interior London home tour

This Color-Blocked Interior is a Showcase for Vintage Italian Design (And a Great Hay Sofa)

Interiors stylist Laura Fulmine began her career in fashion, working for London-based designers Luella Bartley and Giles Deacon, but soon realized her love lay in the world of interior design. Inspired by everything from outsider art to film sets to everyday life, the London-based creative director has created sets for Wallpaper, The Telegraph Luxury, Modus, Elle Decoration, and more. So, it comes as no surprise that her small East London flat — published in Elle Decoration earlier this year and excerpted here — would be pretty spectacular. Fulmine’s love of Italian design from the ’50s to the ’80s is showcased in her home’s personality; mixing and matching items that don’t necessarily go together — like a green metal IKEA cabinet with a vintage brick-patterned Larusi rug with an electric blue Hay sofa — is one of her strong suits.

The color-blocked interior, however, is the true scene stealer of the space. The bold colors of each room correspond to the shifting of sunlight throughout the day. The apartment’s corner location helped Fulmine to determine the colors of each room, some of which she repainted again and again until they were just right. From the moody midnight blue bedroom to the mossy green living room, the rich, daring colors pair well with her curation of marble and brass accessories. A peachy, Scandinavian pink — inspired by a visit to the Victoria & Albert Museum — is our favorite.


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