2020 sight unseen gift guide

Checkered Aprons and Natural Wines: The 2020 Sight Unseen Gift Guide, Part I

On the one hand, to publish a gift guide in 2020 seems like an immense act of magical thinking. After all, what do we really want? We want the vaccine, we want to visit our parents, we want to see live music, we want to run outside without a mask, we want to flip the Senate, we want to travel with abandon, we want to sit inside a restaurant, drinking by candlelight, shoulder to shoulder with our best friends. On the other hand, one of the small, analog joys we have found in this period of sequestering and uncertainty is the act of sending a gift by mail.

So, as we work to achieve those things, may we interest you in some house slippers? How about a slime green iPhone case? An electric bike seems like a good idea right about now, as we continue to avoid public transportation and fret about the environmental impact of cars (though, tbh, another of the joys of this time has been riding around in friends’ cars, like we’re in high school again). Along with your usual assortment of sculptural vases, colored glassware, natural wines, and extraneous cookware. (We’re a type). Over the next three days we hope to motivate you to give a gift, or two, to someone you love. It might just make you feel better.

*A note about our opening images this year: Since we couldn’t easily do a photo shoot, we opted for renderings at the top of each gift guide. Inspired by a recent collaboration between designer Oscar Piccolo and 3-D artist Riccardo Fornoni of Cream Atelier, which resembled a classical painting, we asked Fornoni to turn our gift guide picks into painterly still lifes, too. Each image evokes a different work of art, today’s being the Metaphysical Still Life by Giorgio Morandi.

Opening image: Bon Bon Mega by Helle Mardahl, $649; Valentine Vessel by Simone Bodmer Turner, $925; Half Diamond Vase by BZIPPY, $125; Light Song Exchange Lamps by Bennet Schlesinger, $3,000 for a set of two

Enzo Mari_Artemest

Bamboo Vase by Enzo Mari, $90

Helle Mardahl

Bon Bon Mega by Helle Mardahl, $649

Helle Mardahl 2

Wandler x Helle Mardahl Bon Bon Medi vase, $586


Maison d’Etto perfumes, $250-$350

Coucou Glasses

Coucou glasses by Maison Balzac, $75 for a set of two


Valentine Vessel by Simone Bodmer Turner, $925

Zara Home

Wooden Chair by Zara Home, $199

Bennet Schlesinger_Light Song Exchange

Light Song Exchange Lamps by Bennet Schlesinger, $3,000 for a set of two

Dusen Dusen_Apron

Checkered Tread Apron by Dusen Dusen, $45


Domo Catchall in Ananas by Loq, $65

Briana Garcia Ziff_napkins_coming soon

“This Is a Painting” Napkins by Brianne Garcia, $95 for a set of four

Bailey Hikawa_iPhone Case

Geta iPhone Case in Alien by Bailey Hikawa, available late November


Half Diamond Vase by BZIPPY, $125

Beni Beni

Steps Flat-Weave by Beni Rugs, $375 for a 3’x5′

Oracle Ceramic Pourer

Holiday Gift Set w/ Ceramic Pourer by Oracle Oil, $70

Bluejay Bike_Goop

Premiere Edition Electric Bike by Bluejay Bicycles, $2,995


Dorval 02 Table Lamp by SCMP Design Office for Lambert & Fils, $1,040

Casa Tumblers

Watercolor Tumbler Set by Casa Shop, $105 for a set of two

Result Chair black stained oak seat black frame_Neon Tube LED pink (1) Neon Tube LED ice blue (2)

Neon Tube LED by Hay, $55

Original Pierre Toussaint Pool. _noframe

Pool print by Pierre Toussain for Absolut Art, $375

Original Manolo Campion Position E _frame_nopadding

Position E print by Manolo Campion, $250

Valet Studio_Alto Candlestick

Alto Candlestick by Aeyre Home, $139


Von Vase by Los Objetos Decorativos, $154


Henrik Slipper by Shepherd of Sweden, $144

Empress Earrings_white space

Pearl Empress Earrings by White Space Jewelry, $375

PuzzleInPuzzle-Dreamscape-Silo-04-KKPPDR PuzzleInPuzzle-Pool-Silo-04-KKPPPO

Puzzle in Puzzle by Kang Hee Kim for Areaware, $25


Vivanterre Orange SGU, $31.99

Ribbed-Vase-w--colour-options-20201030220528 Ribbed-Vase-w--colour-options-20201030220529

Ribbed Vase by Amanda Marie, $55

Yaki Yaki San

Yaki Yaki San, $225

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