Paulin Chairs and Pistachio Concrete: A 1930s-Inspired Boutique Lands in Los Angeles

This week, I allowed myself a modicum of hope. Concerts were announced, a favorite karaoke bar tiptoed towards reopening, and as I hung up the phone with a friend I haven’t seen in almost two years, we said, with some amount of certainty: “See you soon.” And then there were the restaurants and stores, whose openings seem to be the first harbingers of stability. In Los Angeles, at the Culver City development known as Platform, a new womenswear boutique called Teller, from Platform founders David Fishbein and Joey Miller opened, and the space — designed by Mike Moser Studio — is hugely inspiring. Moser primarily looked to 1930’s Mexico City for cues, and it’s hard to pick a favorite element here: the troweled plaster walls, the curved alcoves, the pistachio-green concrete floor, the Clé tile shelves and fixtures, the many many velvets. Even the completely unexpected Greg Lynn fiberglass chandelier somehow works. We’ll be visiting soon — something, this time, we can say for sure.


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