Everyone’s Favorite Affordable Scandi Rug Brand Just Opened a (Giancarlo Valle–Designed) New York Outpost

When Liza Laserow and Fabian Berglund founded Nordic Knots back in 2016, alongside Fabian’s brother Felix, it was with a clear mission in mind: to channel Sweden’s design aesthetic and history, from the rug colors they launched with, which were inspired by building facades in Stockholm, to the historical Swedish architecture they shot their campaigns inside. But it was also with a clear intention to market their rugs to audiences outside their native country, and in the eight intervening years, they’ve cultivated a presence in the US that’s grown to make up 70% of their sales — mostly because their rugs are high-quality yet priced in that rare mid-range that’s frustratingly elusive in design, but maybe a little bit too because New York designers can’t seem to get enough of the Swedish Grace movement. So once the trio unveiled their first physical showroom in Stockholm earlier this year, it only made sense to hang a shingle amidst their biggest fan base, with a flagship in NYC that opened this week.

Like the Nordic Knots space in Stockholm, the showroom — located in Soho, next to the famed Canal Rubber — was designed by Giancarlo Valle, who first collaborated with the company on a series of muted, doodle-accented rugs last winter. Backdropped by a huge yet-to-be-released tiger-print rug and a painting by the up-and-coming LA artist Sissòn, it showcases large swatches of every Nordic Knots design to date inside stainless-steel cabinets, with smaller samples displayed in a matching glass-topped coffee-table vitrine. In back hangs an array of the brand’s newer wool curtains, while throughout the showroom is a mix of custom furnishings by Valle and imported vintage pieces in the Swedish Grace style (including a compulsory Axel Einar Hjorth table, plus lights by Palle Suenson).

Rather than shying away from bright colors, like rug brands often do, Laserow, Berglund, and Valle opted to reaffirm the brand’s commitment to them by placing a bright blue carpet at the front of the space and two saturated chartreuse ones at the rear. That’s what we’ve always liked so much about Nordic Knots, besides the price point: They know how to nail an elevated basic, but they also aren’t afraid to make a statement, because they always make it in the chicest way. For those who haven’t gotten on board with that vision in the past, finally experiencing it in person may just be the thing.