Mel Nguyen’s Desktop Deposits Series

Earlier today we posted a studio visit with the young Minneapolis artist Mel Nguyen, shot by photographer Debbie Carlos. But it only featured a small selection of Nguyen’s work, in which each project is typically disassembled and morphed into three more. “If you look at a single project of mine and only associate me with that project, it will be not a complete representation of my practice,” Nguyen says. We figured it was worth showing you one more example from her portfolio: her recent clay Desktop Deposits series, made for the Kansas City, Missouri, project Objet Boutique curated by Dean Roper.

_MG_2894_1000 _MG_2898_1000 _MG_2903_1000 _MG_2904_1000 _MG_2915_1000 _MG_2926_1000 _MG_2931_1000 _MG_2933_2_1000 _MG_2938_2_1000 _MG_2942_1000 _MG_2948_1000 _MG_2953_1000 _MG_2959_1000 _MG_2962_1000 _MG_2963_1000 _MG_2964_1000 _MG_2970_1000