Michele Reginaldi, Architect

Michele Reginaldi is an established Italian architect and visual artist. Born in Teramo in 1958, he has been a partner at Gregotti Associati since 1998. He began working on a series of form studies — what he refers to as constructions — in the late 1980s that have grown to include more than 120 individual pieces. These constructions range in size and shape, but all are made from the same material — brass. Reginaldi classifies his constructions into four categories: studies around the circle, studies in verticality, light structures, and constructions for architecture. These pieces are crucial to his success as an architect; on their own the constructions are beautiful sculptural works, but when put into the context of architecture they become important explorations in scale and proportion. Knowing this, his constructions’ influence is clearly evident when browsing the architectural projects of his practice.

C-011 CA-024 L-003 CA-027 CA-011 L-004 V-014 V-027-550x679 C-007 CA-032 L-006 CA-008 C-009 CA-013 C-015-550x681 CA-025 L-002 V-009 CA-001 CA-003 V-012 V-017-550x681 V-005 CA-010 CA-020