Melbourne Creative Agency Wildhen Design

We’ve said it before — Australia often feels like a strange parallel universe to us. We know it’s bursting with amazing design talent, but it all feels so far away, and it’s not easy for us to assess what the new hot restaurant or hotel or creative agency may be at any given time. For those of us who pride ourselves on being up on the cultural landscape of the Western hemisphere, it’s a weird feeling, but in a way, it’s also a nice one: We didn’t have to think too hard when the Melbourne firm Wildhen sent us their portfolio recently, we just poked through it and objectively liked what we saw, from packaging for a boutique pharmacy to still life shoots for an online nursery. Most of the images featured in this post are of brightly-colored collateral and interior graphics that Wildhen designed for a mini-chain of Mexican restaurants called Fonda; we’ve never heard of it and have no idea if it’s hip, but sometimes ignorance is bliss.

FON_51 FON_11 FON_R_16 FondaHawthorn_07 FON_H_17 Fonda_FlindersLane_01 FON_FL_41 FondaHawthorn_01 FondaHawthorn_04 WEP_11 WEP_21 213_B_7 213_B_6 213_B_10 BOT_8 BOT_4