Node Lights by Amsterdam’s Odd Matter

The young Amsterdam-based duo Odd Matter, who we mentioned today in a separate post dedicated to their new work at Aram Gallery, have been busy bees lately. In addition to that project, the Dutch and Bulgarian designers recently launched a series called Node, which includes four highly expressive, sculptural lamps in copper and Jesmonite with forms designed to underscore their functions: Each one has an arm that users rotate to complete or break the lamp’s electrical circuit, turning its bulb on or off. Much cooler than a boring old switch.

Write the designers: “A Lamp has a particularly interesting transformation as it changes to deliver something which is not initially there. It exists to deliver light, but light does not take part in the physicality of the object. This suggests that a lamp is a sculptural object when light isn’t present, and its function begins with its transformation towards delivering light. A lamp therefore is a medium between us and light, and the act of turning it on and off is essential as well as symbolic in relation to the object. Node aims at being a very direct and simple way of describing this.”
NODE-blue-OFF NODE-blue-ON Node-OFF Node-ONN NODE-blackwall-OFF NODE-blackwall-ONN NODE-nude-off NODE-nude-ON