3D Objects Made of Everything From Cement to Jell-O

Plenty of designers who work primarily in two dimensions translate their patterns and images to textiles, but up-and-coming Londoner Lucy Hardcastle‘s oeuvre is particularly diverse — a former textiles student, she creates three-dimensional objects, sets, and artworks made of everything from cement to Jell-O — plus videos and digital renderings that appear to be 3D — then draws on those creations to make prints for clients like Nike and Alexander Wang.

The results can be visually disorienting when viewed all at once, as in the images we’ve selected for this post, but reflect Hardcastle’s interest in constantly experimenting with new mediums: She’s currently working on a commission to translate one of her artworks into a glass sculpture, and hopes to tackle the animation of her renderings next. September will see the debut of new textile designs for still-under-wraps fashion clients, and then it’s off to the RCA for a masters in information experience design — adding yet another dimension to her repertoire.

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