Matter—Made’s 2014 Lookbook

We’ll be posting a recap of our favorite designs from ICFF and the best of the rest tomorrow, but today we wanted to share with you the one piece of printed collateral from New York Design Week that stopped us in our tracks. At Matter’s ICFF booth, we managed to snag a copy of the design store’s brand-new Matter—Made lookbook, which was art directed, styled, and photographed by our personal Sight Unseen dream team, Benjamin Critton and Brian W. Ferry. The collection itself was already fantastic — brand new, disc-shaped LED pendants and stocky oak stools by Matter owner Jamie Gray, an expanded HS1 shelving system by Henry Julier in the cutest colors, and the first commercially available pieces from Jonathan Zawada’s Affordances line (which you might recall we featured last fall).

Add to that Critton’s custom type treatment and props sourced by Critton and Ferry — which included black Slinkys, gold-plated hands, and a blue squiggle that looks like it fell off a Thighmaster — and you’ve got an excellent collectible object. Critton explains the graphic design decisions: “The brief was essentially to make Matter-Made autonomous but still nod to its matriarch, MATTER. So the type is all custom, but the letterforms borrow the geometry from the original MATTER logo. The M-M mark on the cover” — which uses two different type treatments for the two Ms — “is sort of a nod to the dual identities: two Ms that don’t use the same form to convey their meaning.” Read on for more great photos and sample spreads from the catalog below.

Matter Made_Henry Julier2 MM-21__20140424-431 Matter Made_Henry Julier MM-22__20140417-117-02 MM-23__20140417-127-02 MM-65__20140422-34 MM-25__20140417-142 MM-35__20140421-47-02 Matter Made_Henry Julier3 Oak-3__20140423-137_nc Oak-19__20140423-254 ZT-16__20140422-213-02 ZT-22__20140422-264 orbig spread Foreword M-M