New Ceramics By Saint Karen

Many ceramicists have day jobs, but few have ones as incongruous as Karen Aragon of Saint Karen, who spends the majority of her hours working not as an artist or a gallerist or a fabricator, but as a web developer. Her latest ceramics collection is an attempt to bridge those two interests by pulling influences from her more technical role into her creative one. “I wanted to be able to marry these two parts of my life, so I fed what I learn and research as a developer into my ceramic designs,” she explains. “I referenced old algorithms, data structures, and discrete mathematics books from when I was studying that were laying around my office. I also did a bunch of mapping visualizations that inspired the topographical forms and eventually led me to investigating spatial formations, terrains, and geological patterns. The process was deeply rewarding for me because I find I have a hard time creating anything that doesn’t have a right angle, and here I was able to combine very strict geometric shapes with more organic forms.” Check out the intriguing results below.Saint_Karen_Stair_Vases _Saint_Karen_A_Porcelain_Collection Saint_Karen_Reflective_Group Saint_Karen_Terrain_Sculpture Saint_Karen_Pitchers Saint_Karen_Pyrite_Vase_Pair Saint_Karen_Staircase_Vertical Saint_Karen_Pyrite_Vase_2 Saint_Karen_Terrain_Speckle_Sculpture Saint_Karen_Rock_Vase_2 Saint_Karen_Vortex_Sculpture Saint_Karen_Pyrite_Vase_1 Saint_Karen_Chrome_Pyrite Saint_Karen_Chrome_Algorithm_Vessel Saint_Karen_Canon_Vase Saint_Karen_Algorithim_Porcelain_Vessel