architecture-inspired jewelry by Agmes

The Jewelry Line Every Design Lover Should Be Wearing Now

We get a ton of pitches from jewelry designers who draw inspiration from architecture — there was a time last year when we had to sigh every time we saw yet another collection based on simple structured geometries. Not that they were bad — just that we rarely felt they transcended a mere aesthetic exercise into the realm of the truly, truly chic. But AGMES, the brand new line by New York designer Morgan Solomon, is a pretty exciting exception: Not only does Solomon name-check the likes of Cini Boeri and Bertrand Goldberg when talking about her inspirations, but her pieces have such a strong, sculptural presence that you could picture passing them on to your children someday. (The fact that she’s managed to sneak a High Gloss teapot into her lookbook shoot doesn’t hurt, either.) Solomon spent her childhood sketching imaginary jewelry after taking a class at summer camp, but ended up going to business school and working as a fashion buyer before deciding to jump ship last year and return to her formative love. Check out the results below, and shop them all here.

AGMES_07 AGMES_01 AGMES_04 AGMES_03 AGMES_12 AGMES_19 AGMES_06 AGMES_18 AGMES_11 AGMES_14architecture-inspired jewelry by Agmes AGMES_BoeriRing AGMES_CliffCuff AGMES_CurveCuff AGMES_GizaEarringsAGMES_W_AndoRing AGMES_MyriadEarringsAGMES_BarRing AGMES_ThickBlockRing AGMES_VaultRing AGMES_TowerEarrings