Elisa Strozyk’s Ceramic Mirrors Are Simplicity at its Best


We love a crazy design experiment as much as the next guy — inventing your own styrofoam-making technique, turning coffee grounds into tables, 3-d printing chairs in mid-air — but lately we’ve been appreciating the pleasures of simplicity. There’s something so nice about an understated yet surprising approach to an ordinary technique. Enter this collection of mirrors by Berlin designer Elisa Strozyk, who’s known for her more technologically ambitious series of wooden “textiles,” that are accented with panels of swirly glazed ceramic. No tricks here, unless you count rotating and blowing on the clay discs to accentuate the marbling. Called Ceramic Surface Reflections, the project is from last year, but we spotted one of its objects in Milan last week at the third annual Journey of Things exhibition, and wanted to feature it in full below.


Strozyk_Mirror1 Strozyk_Mirror3 Strozyk_Mirror4 Strozyk_Mirror7 Strozyk_Mirror8 Strozyk_Mirror5 Strozyk_Mirror2