Afternoon Sculptures by Erik Olovsson

Today on the site, we’re featuring Swedish designer Erik Olovsson, who’s debuting in Milan this week a collection of stools made from slatted pine and treated with various hues and patterns of screen-print dye. Olovsson’s been documenting his experiments in color-treated wood on Instagram with the hashtag #afternoonsculptures, and we’re excerpting a few of our favorites here today (as well as a look at the more refined stools they inspired). Says Olovsson: “From my background as a graphic designer, I had a lot of color from screen-printing projects that I could experiment with. I started to ensemble small pieces as a daily routine in a project I called Afternoon Sculpture. With this as my starting point I later came up with the project ST∞L, which is basically the same idea but I narrowed it down to only making stools.”

2015-05-12 17.57.23-1 2015-09-25 17.13.40-2 Stool_StudioEO_Group_High_04 2015-05-20 15.59.52 2015-05-27 18.38.27-1 2015-03-26 15.42.21-1 2015-09-18 18.01.14-1 2015-05-11 18.22.20-1 Stool_StudioEO_V2_High_07 Stool_StudioEO_V2_High_06 Stool_StudioEO_High_03 Stool_StudioEO_High_02 Stool_StudioEO_High_05 Stool_StudioEO_High_01 Stool_StudioEO_High_07