New, Super-Graphic Housewares from MPGMB

Montreal duo Maude Beauchamp and Marie-Pier Guilmain of MPGMB may be responsible for one of our favorite necklaces in the Sight Unseen Shop, but they also have a thriving housewares line — in 2014, they released the Arizona Collection of stoneware planters perched atop wood-fiber stands, and now they’ve released a new summer series inspired by some of its design elements. The black-glazed pitcher set pictured above, which rests on a marble and beechwood tray, borrows the rounded bases of the Arizona vases, while the Groove Clocks pictured just below are made from the same wood-fiber panels, CNC-engraved with geometric patterns. And after the duo caught planter fever while making the Arizona line, they searched this year for a new typology to experiment with — hence these slip-cast Valley Suspended Planters, which hang from rubber and polypropylene cords. The pieces aren’t available just yet in MPGMB’s shop, but keep an eye out.
mpgmb_Groove_Wall_Clock_2016_01_HR mpgmb_Groove_Wall_Clock_2016_07_HR mpgmb_Groove_Wall_Clock_2016_08_HR mpgmb_Stoneware_Pitcher_Set_2016_08_HR mpgmb_Suspended_Planter_2016_01_HR mpgmb_Suspended_Planter_2016_02_HR mpgmb_Suspended_Planter_2016_03_HR