Milan design duo Studiopepe for Spotti

A Cult Milan Design Destination Gets Its Twice-Yearly Makeover

Here’s something we’re not sure why more stores aren’t doing: Twice a year, the Milanese multi-brand furniture showroom Spotti gives over its entire space to longtime collaborators — and one of our favorite styling duos — Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto of Studiopepe to remake however they see fit. In the past, this has translated to themes like Endless Summer, with aqua-painted walls and beach umbrella–like pendants and Happy Office Happy Home, with pink curtains, brightly colored Kora vases, and geometric wall hangings. This summer, the duo created a interior called Instant Panorama for Spotti’s renovated space — inspired, no doubt, by our Instagram-obsessed culture — that’s set up in vignettes that are meant to be captured on film. The aesthetic is less defined, but it’s focused on of-the-moment trends — layered vintage Berber carpets, pops of rust and dark green, and tons and tons of velvet, courtesy of brands like Roll & Hill, Gubi, &tradition, and Areti. The interior also features a new, trompe l’oeil wallpaper designed by Studiopepe, in keeping with the theme of ways of seeing. Check out some of our favorite nooks below — but don’t blame us if your mental shopping list begins to reach epic proportions!


Spotti-InstantPanorama-07 Spotti-InstantPanorama-21 Spotti-InstantPanorama-05 Spotti-InstantPanorama-17 Spotti-InstantPanorama-01 Spotti-InstantPanorama-02 Spotti-InstantPanorama-04 Spotti-InstantPanorama-09 Spotti-InstantPanorama-22 Spotti-InstantPanorama-24