An All-White B&B in the Italian Countryside is Our New Post-Salone Destination

You know what they say — it takes a village to raise a child and just one architect to construct a rustic yet contemporary farmhouse. Or, something like that? At least that’s our takeaway from Masseria Moroseta, a new bed and breakfast set in the hills of the Italian countryside, in Puglia. Barcelona-based designer Andrew Trotter oversaw the three-year process for owner Carlo Lanzini. “After finding the land he asked me to help him look for an architect,” remembers Trotter. “I told him I could design it.”

Lanzini wanted a modern building that would blend into its surroundings and be grounded in the traditions of the countryside. The result is a reimagining of the traditional farmhouses that dot the landscape, constructed using local tufo (or sandstone) and with a focus on sustainability. Walls just over 2.5-feet thick eliminate the need for heating and cooling systems throughout much of the year. Vaulted ceilings and stone floors further regulate the temperature indoors, while solar panels provide enough electricity and hot water for the Masseria to run essentially off-the-grid.

Each of the six guest rooms and suites — which, in years past, would have been stables — is built around a central courtyard with views onto the property’s olive groves. The strictly whitewashed color palette provides the perfect backdrop for the Pugliese countryside, which, if the Masseria’s Instagram is any indication, is in permanent golden hour. To top it all off, the Masseria’s organic farm (fed by their own water supply) provides for a bounty of hyperlocal meals whipped up by the Masseria’s chef. We know where we’re heading next time Salone rolls around.


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