A Day’s Worth of Designy Studio Essentials From Need Supply’s New Housewares Arm

Need Supply has always been one of the first places we look when we’re in the market for affordable yet fashion-y basics. But a few years ago, its offerings slowly and quietly started expanding beyond the closet and into the rest of the house, with objects like Monocle’s brass bookends or Fort Standard’s Balancing Blocks. The housewares love kept growing and growing until this month, the online retailer officially launched Need Supply Life, its permanent home for designs for the home. After taking a spin through the site, though, we realized that its wares would be equally suited to the studio, so we put together a game plan for upgrading your typical workday with gear sourced from the new site — not to mention some of our favorite makers.
needsupplyco_life_339AM: (Or if you’re lucky, 10AM….) Open up shop!
Contour Key Ring by Karl Zahn for Areaware, $16
needsupplyco_life_41needsupplyco_life_409:30AM: Stop hemorrhaging money on those morning lattes — make your own damn coffee.
French Press by Yield Design, $150
Workaday Tall Mug by Workaday Handmade, $40
needsupplyco_life_21 needsupplyco_life_39 needsupplyco_life_3610AM: Start your workday by giving yourself time to be creative — sketch, brainstorm, pontificate.
Pen Container by YStudio, $100
Chrome Mechanical Pencil by Craft Design Technology, $48
Square Dyed Notebook A5 by Postalco, $33
Original 1227 Mini Desk Lamp by Anglepoise, $240
needsupplyco_life_11 needsupplyco_life_1411:30AM: Hosting clients? Make them tea, then serve it from something a little more sophisticated than your “What Would Beyoncé Do?” mug.
Copper Kettle by Saikai, $350
Teapot and teacups by Saikai, $65
needsupplyco_life_12needsupplyco_life_0912:30PM: Do as the Europeans do — cook a big group studio lunch and eat it around an actual table.
Nambu Tekki Round Pan, $105
Large Brass Spoon by Fog Linen, $23
Dishware and wooden trays by Hasami Porcelain, prices vary
Confetti Highball glass by Hawkins New York, $16
needsupplyco_life_131PM: Or, do as the Americans do — eat takeout at your desk. But with a fancy linen placemat.
Small Canister by Kaico, $45
Table fork by Common, $12
Thick Linen Kitchen Cloth by Fog Linen, $15
needsupplyco_life_23 needsupplyco_life_20 needsupplyco_life_22 needsupplyco_life_242:30PM: Tear yourself away from your lunchtime Facebook sesh and actually get back to work.
Calculator in Black by Braun, $49
Rollerball Pen ($100) and Ballpoint Pen ($75) by YStudio
Concrete Desk Set by Magnus Petterssen for Areaware, $50
Desk Calendar by Appointed, $34
Accessory Tray by AJI Project, $100
Desktop Reed Diffuser by retaW, $40
needsupplyco_life_26 needsupplyco_life_274PM: Feeling restless? Put on our “At Home With Sight Unseen” playlist.
A2 In Black by B&O Play, $399
Night Cable Lighting by Native Union, $40
H2 In Carbon Blue by B&O Play, $199
needsupplyco_life_055PM: (Or if you’re like most of us, 7PM…) Saved by the bell. Go meet your friends for a well-earned drink.
FJ Clock by Architectmade, $1,000

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