Australia Meets Asia in Daniel Emma’s Newest Collection

In 2014, Daniel To and Emma Aiston of the Australian design studio Daniel Emma launched what would prove to be a pivotal collection for them: It was not only their first foray into furniture and lighting since they started making desk accessories and other small objects in 2009, it was the first time they stepped away from their immersion in Bauhausian geometric shapes and talked about an influence they’d been internalizing all their lives — Asia. With To’s parents being from Hong Kong and Aiston’s uncle living in Japan, the pair had traveled to both places extensively since they were children, and they described their 2014 Mish Mash chair as an expression of the colors and materials they’d witnessed in the streets there. With the launch of their new Bling Bling Dynasty collection today, by way of an exhibition at Hugo Mitchell Gallery in Adelaide, they’ve fully embraced their Asian inspirations for the first time, saying that it’s the first of many projects in which they hope to explore their “time spent in between cultures.” Check out the full series below.SoftChair-Anna Vase_2 Anna vase-Heaven is a coffee table-Slab incense Mochi Light Stationery Container Slab Incense-Panda Box Natural Heaven is a Coffee Table Soft Chair - Rear Cabinet Group Panda Box-Anna Vase-Stationery Container Incense Side Group - Dark Anna Vase - Group 1