Seven Perfect Household Essentials for Your Favorite Minimalist

When we checked in with Jamie Wolfond this time last year, he had just relaunched Good Thing’s website to better showcase the beauty and simplicity of the brand’s accessible design objects. That momentum hasn’t waned. Continuing Good Thing’s mission of creating practical tools with consideration and staying power, the latest collection — their largest yet, launching next month at NY NOW — brings us seven pared-down pieces created by a slew of new design collaborators, including Sylvain Willenz, Studio Gorm, Christopher Specce, and Phil Procter.

The new objects range from a chic, fluted dustpan to a stylish, USB-charging flashlight to a majorly minimalist incense holder. Each object comes in a variety of colors such as a faint peach, a rich dark blue, and slate gray, and often combines old traditions (incense burning) with new manufacturing techniques (computer guided machining). The result, says Wolfond, “is a series of seven objects that are truly designed for use. What’s exciting about this seemingly obvious concept is that we’re closing the gap between the annoying cliche of the ‘design object’ and the useful things we interact with everyday. We should have the same standard for a dustpan and brush that we have for a vase, or a picture frame, and with these releases we hope to replace the crappy, un-loveable useful objects of the world with truly beautiful ones, that are equally affordable.”


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