These Colorful Vases Are the Latest Sign that Acrylic Is on the Rise

Remember when we named the California Light and Space art movement one of the top trends to watch in 2017? Well, the evidence just keeps mounting. While the Seoul design trio Hattern say their new series of two-tone acrylic vases were inspired by the way Impressionist painters tried to capture the effects of changing light quality on nature, we can’t help but see elements of Vasa, Helen Pashgian, and Peter Alexander’s work reflected in the images below — and we certainly can’t help but place them in the company of a growing contemporary circle that includes Wonmin Park, Germans Ermics, and Sabine Marcelis. Check out the Mellow Collection below, then ask yourself: Is acrylic about to become the new marble? We kind of hope so.Mellow collection 07-1 Mellow collection 01-1 Mellow colletion 011Mellow collection 09 Mellow collection 04-1 Mellow collection 05-1 Mellow collection 10-1 Mellow collection 06-1 Mellow collection 08-1Mellow collection 02-2