Never Before Has an Exhibition of Bookends Felt Quite So Radical

An exhibition of bookends might not have sounded particularly radical a few months ago, but given the current political climate, literacy seems to be as polarizing an issue as anything else these days. That’s why In Support of Books, curated by Norma studio in Los Angeles, ultimately feels so necessary. On view at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA on the occasion of the LA Art Book Fair this weekend, February 24-26, In Support Of Books is an exhibition of contemporary bookends from an acclaimed roster of product, object and industrial designers including Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Alex Reed, Brendan Timminsand Good Thing. (One of our favorites is that beige and red slab by Wintercheck Factory; ditto the butt.) The goal of the exhibit is to begin “a series of inquiries into the objects associated with the reading, display, and appreciation of books” — an appreciation we should all be celebrating more aggressively, it would seem. (Who knew a day would come when bookworm sloganeering could feel so urgent?)

For anyone not in town, the exhibit is accompanied by a printed catalog with photographs by Brian Guido & Julia Stotz, and essays by artist Erik Benjamins and Laura Houseley of Modern Design Review. Read up, and then make a donation to the National Endowment for the Arts.