Bower x West Elm

Bower Made a Collection for West Elm, And It’s Really Good

If you’re a frequent reader of this site, you’ve probably heard us bemoan the lack of cool, but affordable, American furniture more times than you can count. Which is precisely why collaborations like this one — which pairs Bower’s signature, mixed-material aesthetic with West Elm’s years of accumulated knowledge — are so important. The collection, a year and a half in the making, debuted this week and includes a two-tiered marble coffee table; a textural, subtly geometric rug, and an antiqued brass floor lamp. When West Elm approached the trio, co-founder Danny Giannella says, “We weren’t sure if we’d agree right away as we’ve never worked with such a large retailer before. But we decided that this was actually a good reason to do so. We liked the idea of having the opportunity to design pieces we’re not yet equipped to handle. Designing the rug and vases, for example, we worked with their experts to educate us on the nuances of working with materials we had no experience with.” Their biggest concern was introducing themselves to a new audience as authentically as possible. “Making the pieces feel like Bower designs, yet differentiating them from our in-house collection, was one of the challenges in the process. In the end, we feel like the Bower spirit carries through.” Shop the Bower x West Elm collection here

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