10 Underrated Glassware Sets — By Iconic Designers — That You Can Buy Right Now

Did you know that the iconic Italian architect Cini Boeri made glassware? We did not, at least until we read the dining-objects timeline we helped commission for MOLD Magazine‘s second-ever issue (which we guest-edited and which we’re excerpting on the site today!). As it happens, the Boeri glasses are actually kind of famous — they appeared in the film Blade Runner (which, uh, we’ve never seen) — but still, it got us thinking: Did other iconic designers make cool wine glasses and whisky tumblers that we didn’t know about? If so, was it possible to still buy them? Could the tyranny of this wine glass (a nice glass, to be sure, but one that’s been used in pretty much every design editorial ever) soon end? Oh, we had no idea: Turns out epically cool glassware sets by a murderers’ row of iconic designers — Ettore Sottsass, Enzo Mari, Gio Ponti, Joe Colombo, and Achille Castiglioni among them — have been hiding out in plain sight on the internet (half of them are even available on Amazon!). We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites here, but we highly recommend doing some internet sleuthing of your own as well.

1. Cini Boeri_Yoox

Cibi Old-Fashioned Glass by Cini Boeri, $142 for a set of two

2. Enzo Mari

Conversazione Highball Glass by Enzo Mari, $137 for a set of two

3. Joe Colombo Sferico

Sferico Glass Collection by Joe Colombo, price upon request

4. Joe Colombo_Yoox

Smoke Double Old-Fashioned and Highball Glasses by Joe Colombo, $276-$297 for a set of two

5. Mangiarotti_

Angelo Mangiarotti Bibulo Highball, $420 for a set of 6

6. Michele de Lucchi

Laetitia Water Glasses by Michele de Lucchi, $109

7. Castiglioni_Ovio_Yoox

Ovio Glasses by Achille Castiglioni, $85

8. Rosenthal_TAC_Glassware_Collection_-_BONADEA_1024x1024

Tac 02 glasses by Walter Gropius, $289. Sottsass_Yoox

Orfeo Water Goblet by Ettore Sottsass, $18010. b105ee1ba4905ccc090a8007df586ecd-interior-table-culture-kitchen-j-l-lobmeyr-lobmeyr-serie-b-champagne-cup-josef-hoffmann-1910-omplm

Series B glassware by Josef Hoffmann for Lobmeyr. Water glasses $280; champagne $295