Portland Maine emerging artist Elizabeth Atterbury

An Artist Who Moves Shapes From Two Dimensions to Three

To understand the work of emerging artist Elizabeth Atterbury — and how it’s changed since we first profiled her almost exactly three years ago — look no further than the solo exhibition she had at Mrs. Gallery in New York this past spring. While Atterbury used to photograph the geometric compositions she created from sand, cut metal, or corrugated paper, those elements now appear both as two-dimensional images and as three-dimensional works that either utilize them (molded-sand blocks) or abstract them (a wavy strip of carved wood). At the Mrs. show, Atterbury also marked a shift towards physical objects with sculptures in the shape of hands, tennis courts, and even tabs from breast milk bags — a way of exploring “the autonomy of the artifact — objects disassociated from their original function and context.”

You can see those pieces, along with a series of colorful prints Atterbury made recently with Wingate Studio and for an additional recent solo show at Document gallery in Chicago, below. Or check out her work in person via current group shows at Kate Werble gallery or the Portland Museum of Art.Atterbury_24_2 Atterbury_09_2 Atterbury_08_2 Atterbury_26 Atterbury_02 Atterbury_01 Atterbury_27 Atterbury_28 Atterbury_15 Atterbury_03 Atterbury_14 Atterbury_12 Atterbury_29 Atterbury_04 Atterbury_05Atterbury_23 Atterbury_22 Atterbury_21 Atterbury_19 Atterbury_18 Atterbury_17