The Best Thing We Saw in Milan Today, Day 2

Sight Unseen is on the ground at the Milan Furniture Fair this week and we’ll be bringing you loads of coverage next week! But until our rounds here are done, we’ll be featuring quick hits from some of our favorite things that caught our eye. One of the first projects we saw this week was a new collection by Bloc Studios, for which the Carrara-based studio collaborated with three of our favorite designers: For Inlay, Nick Ross created a chair, coffee table and two side tables that mix an almost chartreuse Japanese jade with pink marble; for Avalon, Valentina Cameranesi Sgroi created three sculptural, figurative vases, made from White Arabescato marble or mixed colored marble; and for Totem, Objects of Common Interest designed series of stackable, vertically interchangeable marble elements that create different variations for centerpieces or platters.

BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_13 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_01 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_12 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_08 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_09 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_04 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_02 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_05 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_06 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_07 BlocStudios_MDW2018_@CamilleVivier_11