What’s the Opposite of The Museum of Ice Cream? This Disorienting Installation By One of NYC’s Coolest Architects

If you’ve ever wished you could wander around an M.C. Escher print, a new collaborative installation by multi-disciplinary design practice Rafael de Cárdenas / Architecture at Large (RDC/AAL) and visual artist, composer, and vocalist Sahra Motalebi will get you pretty close. The immersive maze, appropriately called AMAZE and on view until June 10, gives visitors a chance to explore a disorienting labyrinth of explosive colors, patterns, and sounds — think hidden doorways and shifting perspectives, accompanied by whispers and shrieks of noise. Presented by Visionaire at Cadillac House in downtown New York, the installation is composed of four buzzing spaces. There are walls covered in throbbing black-and-white dazzle-like patterns, broken up by alcoves of yellow and teal, daffodils and Advil. There are glowing neon lights, carefully placed mirrors for more confusion, and geometric carpets — a strange mixture of black and pastels​. The auditory element from Motalebi is described as an “absurd sonic landscape,” so prepare for a big sensory experience.

AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_2 AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_3 AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_10 AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_5 AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_7 AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_12 AMAZE_Credit-Plamen-Petkov_11