Our 75+ Favorite Finds From New York Design Week 2018

With the move of Collective Design back to March, NYCxDesign — nowadays jokingly referred to as “New York Design Month” — technically shrunk a bit this year to just 15 days long, from the beginning of Egg Collective’s Designing Women show to the last day of ICFF. Yet its cornucopia of content was as impressive as ever, with the usual shows at ICFF, Wanted Design, Colony, The Future Perfect, and Matter being joined by projects like the collective, designer-curated group exhibition Next Level; John Hogan teaming up with Bec Brittain for a launch in her showroom; takeovers of the Standard East Village Hotel by Good Thing and of Anthom by Pieces; and a special presentation by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio at Muji that we’ll feature separately later this week. Co. Design wrote a long, smart analysis of the whole thing, but their biggest takeaway was that “this year’s edition of NYCxDesign genuinely felt like a cultural event, more akin to fashion week or a film festival than a staid trade show” — which is what we’ve been aiming for all along. Take a look at our favorites from New York Design Week 2018 below.

Top photo: Rosie Li‘s Inez Collection

Balance/Unbalanced at Colony

NYDW18_Colony_MegCallahanGrain NYDW18_Colony_MovingMountainsMoving Mountains NYDW18_Colony_EricksonAesthetics1Erickson Aesthetics NYDW18_Colony_VonngutKraftVonnegut / Kraft NYDW18_Colony_EarnestStudio2 NYDW18_Colony_EarnestStudio1Earnest Studio

Eny Lee Parker


Rosie Li

NYDW18_RosieLi1 NYDW18_RosieLi2 NYDW18_RosieLi3 NYDW18_RosieLi5 NYDW18_RosieLi7


NYDW18_Pelle1 NYDW18_Pelle2 NYDW18_Pelle4 NYDW18_Pelle5

Bec Brittain x John Hogan

NYDW18_BrittainHogan4 NYDW18_BrittainHogan5 NYDW18_BrittainHogan1 NYDW18_BrittainHogan6

Asa Pingree

NYDW18_AsaPingree1 NYDW18_AsaPingree2 NYDW18_AsaPingree3

Estudio Persona

NYDW18_EstudioPersona1 NYDW18_EstudioPersona2 NYDW18_EstudioPersona3 NYDW18_EstudioPersona

Designing Women II at Egg Collective

NYDW18_DesigningWomen1From left: Nanna Ditzel (chair), Greta Magnusson Grossman (lamp), Cini Boeri (table), Nicola L. (bookcase), Egg Collective (sideboard), Natalie Weinberger (ceramics), Mary Giles (wall piece)
NYDW18_DesigningWomen2Egg Collective (sideboard) and B. Zippy (vase)
NYDW18_DesigningWomen3Egg Collective
NYDW18_DesigningWomen6From left: Katie Stout (shelves), Egg Collective (table and cabinet), Natalie Weinberger (ceramics), Kristin Victoria Barron (marble lamp)
NYDW18_DesigningWomen9NYDW18_DesigningWomen8Natalie Weinberger
NYDW18_DesigningWomen10B. Zippy (ceramic artwork), Rooms (console), Mimi Jung (wall piece)
NYDW18_DesigningWomen11Rooms (pedestals), Marta Palmieri (marble sculpture)
NYDW18_DesigningWomen12From left: Egg Collective (table), Lilian Holm (tapestry), Rooms (candleholders), Kristin Victoria Barron (chandelier)
*Photos by Hannah Whitaker

Birnam Wood Studio

NYDW18_BirnamWood1 NYDW18_BirnamWood5 NYDW18_BirnamWood2 NYDW18_BirnamWood3 NYDW18_BirnamWood4

Lucca Zeray

NYDW18_LuccaZeray2 NYDW18_LuccaZeray3

Good Thing

NYDW18_GoodThing3Earnest Studio
NYDW18_GoodThing7Jamie Wolfond (platter), Ferreol Babin (lamp)
NYDW18_GoodThing1Ferreol Babin
*Photos by Robin Stein & Margaret Jones

Fort Standard

NYDW18_GregBuntain NYDW18_GregBuntain2

Kin & Company at Next Level

NYDW18_NextLevel_KinandCo NYDW18_NextLevel_KinandCo2 NYDW18_NextLevel_KinandCo4Kin & Company x Kim Markel



Kinder Modern x Mexa



NYDW18_Pieces1 NYDW18_Pieces2 NYDW18_Pieces5 NYDW18_Pieces6 NYDW18_Pieces7 NYDW18_Pieces8

Mexican Pavilion at Wanted Design

NYDW18_Wanted_Acoocooro NYDW18_Wanted_Acoocooro2Acoocooro NYDW18_Wanted_ComiteProyectos NYDW18_Wanted_ComiteProyectos2Comité de Proyectos NYDW18_Wanted_RebecaCorsRebeca Cors

Istanbul Design Collective at Wanted Design

NYDW18_Wanted_TurkishBegüm Cana Özgür

Concrete Cat


Zero Waste Bistro by Linda Bergroth at Wanted Design

NYDW18_Wanted_ZeroWaste2 NYDW18_Wanted_ZeroWaste

Home Studios at Wanted Design

NYDW18_Wanted_HomeStudios1 NYDW18_Wanted_HomeStudios3 NYDW18_Wanted_HomeStudios2

Atelier de Troupe

NYDW18_AtelierDeTroupe2 NYDW18_AtelierDeTroupe1

The Future Perfect

NYDW18_TFP_CharlesdeLisle_BrianFerry2 NYDW18_TFP_CharlesdeLisle_BrianFerry3Charles de Lisle
NYDW18_TFP_ChrisWolston4_BrianFerry NYDW18_TFP_ChrisWolston3_BrianFerry NYDW18_TFP_ChrisWolston NYDW18_TFP_ChrisWolston1 NYDW18_TFP_ChrisWolston2Chris Wolston
*Photos by Brian Ferry