These Colorful, Abstract Bath Towels Just Shot to the Top Of Our Wish List

We first came across this amazing intersection of art and terry cloth — a.k.a. the most delightful beach and bath towels ever made — a few months ago, and we still can’t get them out of our heads. Created by the Zurich-based company Frottee di Mare — whose name is a mix between the German word for towel and the Italian concept of la dolce vita — the towels are a collaboration between artist Nina Hebting, whose work is typically abstract painting and drawings, and Jan Leu, a designer who had the idea of using her art in the home goods space. With shapes and colors Inspired by the Calabrian sun and gelato, the project launched in the summer of 2016 on a Swiss crowdfunding site, and has seen fast fans ever since. Manufactured by the one of the last weaving mills to specialize in terry cloth in Austria, the array of shower, beach, guest, and wash towel — plus, some extra thick, luxurious bath rugs — have such delightful shapes and colors; because they’re woven rather than printed, they’re reversible! Tip: it’s vacation season and they ship to the U.S.

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